Now that SL has brought back the ability to wear system clothing on mesh avatars and not just appliers the question is, can I use my old PSD templates? Absolutely! But there are some things to consider and look out for.

  • There will be slight differences on the different bodies due to how the UVs are distributed. Hot spot areas are chest, groin and shoulders.
  • The ‘bigger’ the body the more stretching and possible differences. Hourglass, eBody Curvy, Freya & Tonic Curvy show up the most distortion.

So why should I use use system clothing and how best to do it?

  • They are great fo skin tight underwear and lingerie. Nothing fits the body with lacy detail like system clothing!
  • They are great to combine with mesh clothing – as tops under jackets, stockings under a flexi or mesh skirt, as a dress base, leggings and with mesh skirt panels.
  • They are super lag free! A great way to look stylish in heavy load areas.

So you can see it is absolutely worth going through your inventory and revitalising some of those older templates (if you have been around long enough!). I have tested some of my older templates with the different bodies and below are some examples I know work. Pictures are all taken with the Maitreya body.

You can find all of the PSD templates (and more) here or get them up to 50% cheaper InWorld at the limited BOM SALE.

For those who have never worked with PSD templates or system clothing you can find some helpful tips about alpha channels, layers and more on the tutorial pages.