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Q: How do I show up as creator?
A: Simply rez a small prim, make it invisible by setting the transparency to 100% and place it somewhere inside the rezzed mesh outfit. Select the outfit then shift select your prim and link (ctrl+l). You will now show up as creator when the item is inspected. 

Q: Why do the meshes look different for me than on the picture?
A: How meshes and textures look depends heavily on your viewer settings. To get the best results you need to enable ‘Advanced Lighting’ and make sure your LOD is around 3-4. Applying normal or specular maps also makes a huge difference. 

Q: Why does the Maitreya size not work with all shapes and animations like the other bodies and why can’t you just fix it? 
A: Sadly the Maitreya Dev Kit is not accurate and there are areas which cannot be rigged or fixed. We have been promised an updated working kit soon but until then it is with a heavy heart that I do not guarantee  the fit of those sizes. 

Q: Why do the meshes disappear when I rez them and zoom out?
A: When wearing the clothes will not disappear until your avatar does as well. I have decided to compromise LOD which you would use on rezzed items for less land impact and complexity, making them less laggy when worn. 

Q: Do I need to buy ‘everything’ you release with an outfit?
A: No. The base mesh includes everything you need to make your own textures. Maps & UV. As a time saver and for more control you can get the PSD file which have everything set up on separate layers. For quick variety and high volume you can add texture packs which can be used straight out of the box. 

Q: I would like to buy the DAEs, is that possible?
A: DAEs are only available to members of the platinum group. If you are interested IM Niah Larsson for more information on how to join. 


Q: I get a virus warning saying the file contains malware or spyware.
A: I can assure you that the files are safe, depending on the security settings of your browser these warnings come up even if the file isn’t infected. If your browser won’t let you download try a different one or if all fails contact Niah Larsson In-World and provide your email address, she will provide an alternative download link.

Q: The Mediafire webpage won’t come up, load at all, I only get a blank screen.
A: Make sure you pasted the link in the web browser and not a search engine. Some countries are default banned from the Mediafire web page .. contact Niah Larsson In-World.

Q: I get the following error message “File temporarily not available”
A: This is a somewhat misleading error message. It means that the traffic is too high or your previous download was interrupted and your browser is sending information that you are still downloading. Please try again and make sure to clear your browser cache to avoid wrong communication between your browser & Mediafire.

Q: There is only one file or no files in the folder after unzipping.
A: Yep that happens, but it doesn’t mean the zip file was empty. It probably was damaged during downloading and/or the unpacking process. Please download and try again.

Q: I don’t have the software to unzip the file, can I get the original files
A: No, but you should get one of the many free unzippers out there. The files are simply too big to distribute them via email or leaving them uncompressed.

Q: I lost the item I bought in 2011, can I get a redelivery? 
A: Redeliveries are only possible with proof of transaction or through the redelivery on the MP and Casper.

Q: The download link for the item I downloaded in 2014 no longer works, can I get a new one?
A: Please always download files immediately as they are meant for single download only and always back up any files. LMC cannot be responsible for providing life long file storage. 

System Requirements

Q: The psd file doesn’t open, or it says invalid file format.
A: Try opening them through PS or Gimp instead of double clicking the file, that often solves the issue.

Q: The psd file still doesn’t open, or it says invalid file format.
A: Check if your application supports Photoshop CS .psd files. In case it doesn’t you can edit and read the files with the free graphic application “Gimp”.

Q: The file still doesn’t open in Gimp, or it says invalid file format.
A: Make sure you unzipped the right file format for your PC. To do that open the file in Winzip, you will find 2 of everything, one for Mac one for PC. Choose the right ones by ctrl clicking and unzip. If you are on Win7 simply drag the files from the library folder on to your desktop.

Q: I use PSP and the files definitely will not open.
A: There is a trick to that….save the PSD file with Gimp under a different name, you should now be able to open them in PSP.

Q: The files did open in PS7 or PSP but there are no layer group folders and7or I think there are layers missing.
A: PS7, Gimp & PSP do not support layer group folders. In most files however the layers are color coded for easier working. If you are missing layers open the files in Gimp, save under a different name and then open them in PS7 or PSP. That should restore any missing layers.
If you have missed checking your application before hand and all fails, I cannot refund you but sometimes can provide simple .tga files In-World which you can download and import to any graphics application. Note: the shadows & highlights will not be customizable.

Q: I purchased the brushes and I can’t open them if I double click them.
A: Import them using the brushes window. Go to PS and open the brushes window. Click on the little drop down menu arrow in the upper right corner, choose “load brushes”, select the .abr file from your hard drive.

Q: How do I know if I can use the brushes with Gimp or PSP
A: Try the free demo brush

Working with the PSD files 

Q: I can only see the CMFF Template but not the Alpha templates
A: The Alphas are on separate layers in the “Alpha” folder/group. Go to “window” – “layers” to view all layers.

Q: I saved the TGAs to my hard drive but the file doesn’t have a clear background and/or vivid edges.
A: That happens when when the files are rendered as TGAs on your HD. Double click the background icon in the layers window to unlock it. Got to the channels tab and ctrl+click the channel icon to select it, press ctrl+c to copy. Now go to the file where you want the TGA and press ctrl+v to paste it to a new layer.
Or unlock the layer and select the alpha channels as described above, inverse selection (ctrl+shift+i), go to “edit” – “clear”. you now have a clear background and can simply drag the layer.

Q: When I save my TGA I have a stupid white halo around it.
A: Create a new layer and put it behind your texture layer. Fill it with the same color as your texture or black.

If you still haven’t found all your answers feel free to contact Niah Larsson In-World.